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I am a physicist and my research activity includes subjects that are at the interface between complex systems, cosmology and self gravitating systems.

I am a researcher at the Enrico Fermi Center and I currently work at the Institute for Complex Systems of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, Italy). In addition I am an associated scientist at the Statistical Mechanics and Complexity Center in Rome and at National Institute for Particle Physics (INFN).
Besides physics I contribute, from time to time, to several blogs. I am one of the founders and editors of the blog Roars: because the Return On Academic ReSearch is important! I am also an editor of the journal Roars Transaction  dedicated to science policy and research evaluation.
My interest in this field began several years ago,  when I have co-authored, together with Stefano Zapperi, the book I ricercatori non crescono sugli alberi (the English translation sounds like "Researchers do not grow on trees").
Then I am an editorialist for the several journals, daily and blogs in Italy and abroad.