International School on Complexity: Course on
Statistical Physics of Social Dynamics:
Opinions, Semiotic Dynamics, and Language
Directors: Vittorio Loreto and Luc Steels
Ettore Majorana Foundation and Center For Scientific Culture
Erice, 14-19 July 2007
Satellite Workshop of STATPHYS 2007

Theme 2: Dynamics in Human Language and Communication

This theme will present empirical and experimental data on human language dynamics and on how humans creatively invent and adopt communication strategies and conventionalised communication systems through dynamic interactions.

A preliminary schedule of this theme includes the following topic and speakers:

2.1 Archaeology and dynamics of human language

How have human languages evolved? What have we learned from recent projects studying population dynamics through genetics and the languages spoken by these populations?

2.2 Emergence of Human Communication

In how far are humans able to invent new communication systems? Experiments in emergence of artificial communication systems in humans. Investigations into the emergence of symbols and gesture-based symbolic systems in deaf children.

2.3 Grammatical functions and constructions

What are the functional and constructional building blocks of languages that are partly conventionalised in emergent grammars?

2.4 Grammaticalization

2.5 Agent-based modeling of language evolution